There is a new trend when searching for a new product to use in your home. People often want it to be local, multi use and as natural or organic as possible. When people discover honey vinegar they are always pleasantly surprised to learn that it is made from raw, Canadian honey – harvested right here on our farm and surrounding farms in rural Ontario, Canada.

Honey vinegar is an all natural vinegar made from pure raw honey. The best part of our vinegar being made with raw honey is all the benefits the honey brings to this product. Raw honey is full of antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Studies show that these factors can help protect the body from cell damage, kill unwanted bacteria and fungus.

When deciding to make honey vinegar, our farmer (and owner of Maple Bee Nectar, Steve Lawrence) felt it was imperative to use Canadian honey only. He wanted to support as many local, Canadian beekeepers as possible. He also knew that Canadian citizens were looking for that “Made in Canada” product. They want to shop local and support farmers. All beekeepers who we source the honey from must be vetted to the highest to ensure the best quality, raw honey.

Having a product that is solely made from raw honey is huge for our environment. We are helping the bees. We are working our honey bees to ensure they may be around for a little while longer. Most people don’t realize our honey bees pollinate just about everything. So to now have a product that demands the honey, it means we are creating more colonies, producing more honey and the  plants on our farms, and in our gardens across North America, are being pollinated.

I hope these few reasons will help you when deciding what new product to bring into your home. Be aware of who is impacted, know where it is coming from and continue to shop and support local.

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