Recently, my sister Katie was experiencing severe heartburn and made a trip to the doctor.

Our family doctor recommended she stop eating things that “provoked” heartburn, and handed her a fistful of pills. But at this point, even water was giving her indigestion. How could water possibly be a trigger for indigestion? She disagreed with the doctor and felt there must be something else than trigger food causing her indigestion. She politely declined the pills and his advice.

The truth is, it constantly felt like her guts and esophagus were on fire. And pills didn’t seem like a long term option to improve her situation. Especially with all this information that just came out about Zantac.Now that is scary stuff.

To at least begin to ease her discomfort, my sister sought out holistic resolutions. She wondered if other people had indigestion from water and other non-acidic foods.

For weeks she kept coming across the same thing: apple cider vinegar for indigestion. Then she came across honey vinegar.

Honey vinegar is a similar product to apple cider vinegar but made with raw, Canadian honey. She gave it a go, drinking 1 tablespoon diluted in water every morning and night.

Now, it’s been four months and no word of a lie, my sister is indigestion-free. Her results are simply outstanding. She removed her daily heartburn without changing her diet beyond taking honey vinegar.


  1. She also feels more energetic,

  2. She has not had a cold in months

  3. She is happier because overall her guts felt better.

My sister said it was a great feeling being able to eat all her favourite foods again. Is this what’s happening to you or someone you love? You can now buy Honey Vinegar online here at amazon.ca and well.ca.

If you’re a health food store and you want to offer Honey Vinegar to help your clients – contact Maple Bee Nectar here and we’ll help you!

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