We feel honey vinegar is even better than apple cider vinegar for so many reasons. In this article we will provide some input on why. We will discuss how honey vinegar is a healthier substance than apples. How honey wine (mead) has been around for thousands of years healing people and lastly we will tell you all about the multiple uses for honey vinegar. So here we go, why choose honey vinegar over apple cider vinegar?


Honey is a healthier substance than apples. When comparing the two you often see that there are more calories, more sugar and more carbohydrates in apples than in raw honey. Honey also contains more antiseptic and antibacterial properties than apples.


Raw honey wine/ vinegar has been around for thousands of years. Studies suggest honey wine/ mead was the “cure all” over thousands and thousands of years ago. It was commonly used by hippocrates, the Father of all Medicine. The belief was that the body must be treated as a whole and treated naturally. Much like today’s society, many people cling to the idea of natural remedies and that’s exactly what honey vinegar is. A natural, health helping elixir made from raw, Canadian honey.


Honey vinegar has more uses. We have heard from several of our customers just how happy they are to have honey vinegar in their home because of the multi use purpose.

People are using it for:

  • Their daily health (2 tbsps a day in water)

  • To fight/ prevent the common cold

  • Face toner

  • Relief of headaches

  • Relief of acid reflux/ heartburn

  • Homemade salad dressing

  • Add it to water for flavour and hydration

  • In their bath to loosen dead skin

  • In their bath to soothe a UTI/ yeast infection

  • Relief of inflammation and joint pain

  • As a disinfectant

  • Soothe a sore throat

  • Meat marinades


The best part is people are even using honey vinegar for their pets and farm animals. It is great for their guts to settle an upset tummy by putting a few splashes in their water dish. A lady has even added it to her horses water dish to help reduce swelling in the horse’s ankle.


When you choose to use honey vinegar in your daily life you should be proud. You are being proactive with your health. You are using a product that has been around longer than apple cider vinegar. Lastly it has several uses natural benefits as it is made from natural, raw ingredients.


To purchase online please visit well.ca or amazon.ca, they deliver right to your door. There are 3 different sizes to choose from, 250ML, 475ML and 950ML. If you own a health food store or another type of practice and wish to carry Honey Vinegar please contact PurityLife at 1.519.853.3511 or info@puritylife.com and they would be happy to help you.

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