When it comes to migraines I don’t think I am the only one suffering. Am I right? It seems to me that everywhere you look, people are stressed. Our lives are all so busy with things like work, school, running kids to sports or taking care of aging parents. It just never stops. The worst thing is even if we enjoy doing all these things, sometimes our mind and bodies prevent us by slamming us with a migraine.

So what can we do? What preventive measures can people take to dodge this nasty bullet and keep on going in their daily lives?

Take care of yourself. Feed your gut to feed your brain. That is my advice. And here’s why:

You see when one gets a migraine it is usually because your body is lacking something or has too much of it. Maybe its sleep, sugar, caffeine consumption, sensitivities to food, nutrients or vitamins. Maybe you have a cold or the flu? Oh, and then there is the whole muscle thing. The list is really endless. So why not be proactive and add a supplement to your daily life that can help regulate your gut.

Honey vinegar has been shown to help aid digestion, regulate blood sugar spikes, increase insulin and increase blood flow by opening up the vessels. We found most people who took 1 tablespoon of honey vinegar in warm water, morning and night really noticed a difference after a week. We also tested out some other little remedies, which I will list below and overall the results were positive.

Breath in honey vinegar vapor:
Mix 1⁄4 cup honey vinegar with 2 cups of water. Heat the mixture until its boiling. Then inhale for about 3 minutes. By breathing in this mixture it may help relief of a sinus infection and the headaches those cause.

Honey vinegar on a cold cloth:
Try soaking a washcloth in 2 cups of cold water and a ¼ cup of honey vinegar. Then apply the cold cloth to your forehead. Most people said it soothed the pain or took away the edge. You may even want to add a few drops of peppermint or lavender essential oil.

We aren’t geniuses but we certainly will try anything natural to get rid of a pesky migraine. Give it a try folks, feel better soon.

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