Let’s talk about cold and flu season. Isn’t it the worst? The sniffles, chills, fever, your nose is like a faucet that won’t shut off. Your throat is so sore you don’t even want to swallow water and you have this cough that keeps you up at night. This is why most of the population dreads it. They dread it especially if they have young children or are elderly. I mean I get it, you feel awful, sometimes you miss work and functions with family or friends. And don’t forget you look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

So here is the sweet trick to take all your sniffles, aches and pains away…

Step 1: Grab your favourite mug and fill it with super warm water. I’m talking as hot as you can handle here folks.
Step 2: Add 1tbsp of honey vinegar
Step 3: 1 tbsp of raw honey
Step 4: ¼ tsp of sea salt

Step 5: Give it a stir and vola, you are ready to sip and gargle it.

I will warn you it’s not like drinking your favourite winter drink by any means but it is absolutely drinkable! Be sure to repeat this remedy for the next 3 to 5 days.

Now when I say gargle it, I seriously mean gargle it. Especially if you have a sore throat, it truly soothes it and seems to take that nasty sting away. Siping it seemed to help break up the mucus, clear the sinuses, soothe that cough and obviously helped the throat as well.

The next morning you can expect to feel 80% better. Isn’t that amazing? And hello, you just started to kill that virus using an all natural remedy. That is something to brag about!

So there you have it, Maple Bee Nectar’s cold flu remedy using Honey Vinegar. Give it a try and we hope you feel better soon!

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